The 2024 Women’s Championship Tournament
Started on February 17 and ends on May 5.
Station 300 in Grandville (Team) and Westgate Bowl in Comstock Park (D&S).

Unofficial standings after May 05

If you find a mistake, please contact the office before May, 27.
[email protected] * 616-653-2032

For those of you who are not currently bowling in a certified league,
you may purchase a membership at: 
Please DO NOT click on “do not share, etc”.
If you do, we cannot verify your membership!

The Michigan State USBC is the first state association to partner with the USBC to design oil patterns
that will give tournament bowlers a challenging but fair bowling experience. 
Starting this year, in the spirit of transparency, we will post the lane dressings for the Open and Women’s Tournaments. 
This is our inaugural step, and we will continue to work towards making your tournament experience a positive one.

All announcements will start 20 minutes before squad time.  Practice will follow the announcements; squad time is when scoring will start.  Please let your teammates know.

2024 Tournament Average

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Honor Scores

Westgate Bowl

Doubles & Singles


Station 300

Team Event