1979 - Emma Hill

Emma Hill, (Deceased) was a member of the Detroit WBA. A Pioneer? According to the dictionary, this means; one of those who first entered or settled a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others: Yes, a pioneer she was. 


Under the threat of being disowned by her family and being called a “rough neck”, she became one of the first women bowlers in Detroit. Her career extended over 36 years and brought her at least 26 Championships.


Not only was she a pioneer in bowling, but in the organization of leagues and tournaments as well. Emma was one of the founders of our State Association and served as its President for 30 some years. She also served as President of the Detroit WBA for 18 years and President of the Central States Association for 32 years. She was inducted into the Detroit Hall of Fame during the 1957-58 season. 


The early years of organization were not easy ones and for Emma, it was fight for what you believe in and that she did.


Meritorious means – Deserving of reward or commendation; Service means – An act of helpful activity. 


Put them together and they very definitely apply to Emma Hill.