1983 - Eloise VanGeest

Eloise, a member of the Greater Grand Rapids WBA, is one of a few outstanding bowlers who has attained the perfect game of “300” and yet, whether lacking confidence of being hopeful, turned her back when she delivered her 12th ball and did not see the Brooklyn hit that gave her the perfect score at the Fanatorium. She has been a consistently good bowler, carrying as high an average as 191. Her lowest is her current average of 182. She has many high games of 250, or better, to her credit and, along with the many 600 series, can boast of four series in the 700’s – 719, 714, 709 and 701 for three games, a high of 873 and 788 for four games with which she won the 600 Club Tournament. 

She was a member of a State Champion Team in 1958, 1959 and 1979 and won the Actual All Events in 1959 with a total of 1816.