2022 - Robert Goike

Robert Goike from Belleville has multiple titles in the various integers of bowling. 
Robert has bowled many 300 games, including in the PBA certified tournaments and in the Hoinke Classic.
His highest series was an 867.
Locally, he has won the Metro Detroit Association Doubles twice and claimed the local association Masters once. He had the high average with a 224 in the 1978-79 season, for the All Star Classic. He was part of the Detroit All City Team in 1986-87, 1981-82, and 1979-80, and was named “King of Bowlers” in 1983-84.
He was inducted into the Detroit Hall of Fame in 1994.
In the Michigan State USBC Tournament, he won the State Team Event.
In the 1984 USBC Open Championships, he won the “All Events” title with a then record total of 2142 and established a 10 year average in 1993 with a 218. Since this title, he has accumulated  at least six more top ten finishes, including the 1997 and 1998 team ‘All Events’ titles.
He was first alternate for Team USA in 1995 and earned a silver medal in the team event of the 1995 US Olympic Festival. He was inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame in 1996.

Welcome Robert to the Michigan State USBC Hall of Fame for Superior Performance