1984 - Ruth Majeski

Sadly, we bestow the Meritorious Service Award to Ruth Majeski posthumously. Ruth was President of the Michigan WBA for five years, from 1976 to 1981. Prior to that, Ruth was 1st Vice-President for one year, 2nd Vice-President for one year and 3rd Vice-President for two years. She served as a director for seven years. Ruth served on many committees and was Chairman of the Legislative Committee for eight years. 

On the local level, Ruth was Secretary of the Greater Muskegon WBA for twenty-two years. While Secretary, she and her husband, Lutz, initiated Junior Bowling in the Muskegon area. She became involved with the handicapped bowlers in the 1940’s, was active in the Captain-Sponsor tournament, as well as many other local activities. She was also on the Michigan State Bowling Council, as a member for three years and as President for three years. 

Nationally, Ruth attended many WIBC Conventions. Three years as delegate for the Michigan WBA and more than twenty years for Greater Muskegon WBA. She attended many of the Leadership Training Seminars and State Leaders Workshops and was an invaluable asset because of these sessions to both the State Association and Greater Muskegon. 

Ruth will certainly be remembered for a long time for the services she rendered and she is truly deserving of the Meritorious Service Award.