2002 - Lisa Bishop

Lisa started her career at a very early age, earning many awards in the Junior Ranks, receiving a scholarship from the Michigan WBA as the Star of Tomorrow. Joining the adult ranks, she continued to get better and better. 

She hasn’t bowled an 800 series but came close with 794 and 792, plus numerous other 700 series. She’s achieved the perfect game – 300 – not once but twice and has maintained a 200 average for many seasons, with 227 her highest.

In the State Tournament, Lisa was the Singles Champion in 2001 with a score of 778 and was a member of the 1st place team three times, with the highest score rolled in 2000 of 3234. 

Locally, she’s been the All Events Champion twice and on the winning team three times. In fact, they rolled the highest series in the nation in 1998 of 3552 and were presented plaques for it.

Lisa has been the Detroit Queen three times and on the No.1 Team three times. She is Captain of the All Star Grille Team that rolled a high game of 1303 and the 2nd highest series of 3546. She was named Ebonite Rookie of the Year in 1997, was a Pro winner in 1997 in Terra Haute and in 1999 in Newman, Ga.

Lisa is one of our youngest inductees into the Hall of Fame and we wish her continued good scores and many more accolades.