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Superior Performance

Meritorious Service

Certificate Request for State Recognition of Local Inductees

NEW: Pioneers of Bowling is a category in the Hall of Fame for Individuals who finished their careers for the most part before the Hall of Fame(s) were put in place. The Hall of Fame(s) were established for former WBA in 1976 and BA in 1995. The Hall of Fame in an effort to rectify an oversight will review information on individuals in both the Superior Performance and Meritorious Service categories. Individuals recognized will be honored in the Hall but awards may not be presented.

The Hall of Fame Committee requests a complete biography of the person put forth for recognition.

Information should be sent to:
Michigan State USBC – Hall of Fame Committee – PO Box 217 – Grandville MI 49468-0217 

___________________Recognition Awards Youth________________

These awards are available to all the associations who make a donation to the Michigan State USBC (Youth Programs)

Honor Scores

Michigan Scholarship Fund Application (please complete to release your funds at SMART)

Fillable Scholarship Application 

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