1998 - Ernest Dieterle

Ernie was born on February 13, 1916

He was one of the greatest supporters the game of bowling has ever known.

He served as Secretary- Treasurer of the Ann Arbor Bowling Association for thirty-seven years. He organized and directed many local tournaments, such as the men’s association tournament, mixed champion of champions, men’s champion of champions and the Mixed team tournament. He also sponsored squads for a number of tournaments and was very active in the 700 Bowling Club in Ann arbor and nationally.

Ernie was also an excellent promotor of the state association. He served as a zone director for 12 years, and as President of the Association in 1981. He also served as President of the Michigan State Seniors. Ernie was a major part of the success of the state tournament, as he assisted the state secretary in the tournament office for 27 years.

On a national level, he has been a delegate to the ABC convention for over 30 years, and this past spring (1998) he bowled in his 36th consecutive tournament in Wichita, KS.

He has rightfully received some recognition for his unselfish contributions to the game of bowling. The Ann Arbor Association honored him by electing him to their Hall of Fame. The State honored him in 1978 with the tournament dedication and as their “Man of the year” recipient in 1985. Now we are pleased to show our appreciation of his contributions by inducting him into the Michigan State Bowling Association Hall of Fame.