We hope all of you are staying safe… Please read this article in the spirit it was sent in.

As bowlers, we long for the day that we can safely return to our local bowling centers and enjoy the sport that we love.

Please note: we are not trying to promote issues, or political division. We would just like to see our centers open again. All Michigan bowlers have to agree, without centers we do not exist. And if they are forced to continue to shut down, we may not have centers to go back to.

No matter if we choose to go to a center now, or not, we do believe that social distancing is possible for those that do want to bowl.

In that line, The Bowling Centers Association of Michigan has initiatives planned that you may be interested in. 

First, If you would like to contact the governor regarding Michigan bowling centers reopening, please select the link below:


Also, a rally is planned to support the safe re-opening of bowling centers at the Capital in Lansing on Wednesday, August 12 between 12 noon and 2 p.m. If attending, please arrive any time after 10:30 a.m., but before 12 noon.

Each bowling center in Michigan has been invited to participate in this rally. If attending, it is suggested that you contact your local bowling center and become part of their group.

Make sure to follow all CDC and Michigan guidelines, including social distancing and wearing of face coverings, if social distancing is not possible.

Please keep in mind this is simply a non-political rally to support the safe re-opening of bowling centers and nothing else.

We care about our bowlers and their safe return to the lanes

A Message from the Michigan 600 Club Tournament ………

It is with great sadness that we announce that the in-person Tournament held in Owosso, Michigan, is CANCELED. We will miss seeing all of you in 2020. However, we felt that for the safety and health of our participants it was best to cancel due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.

If and when we are back to bowling, please look for an announcement on Facebook and on the Michigan Women’s 600 Club website regarding an alternative to the in-person tournament. It would be a format similar to the Mail-O-Graphic.

If you made a reservation for 2020, your reservation will be carried to the
corresponding 2021 weekend. 
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call/text Missy at (989)627-9640, send a Facebook message or email mi600tournament@gmail.com.

Hope everyone stays healthy and has a wonderful rest of summer! See you in 2021!

Missy Boone
Tournament Director – (989)627-9640

Bowlers wishing to purchase merchandise from either the
Open State Championship or the Womens State Championship
Please visit their pages under Adult Tournaments


All prize checks were mailed today directly to each winner – please cash promptly!




  • One form per team
  • no partial refunds/credit….
  • If paid by credit card- account will be credited back
  • Team captains responsibility to see refunds are given back to bowlers timely.


All youth requests must come from the league official that is listed on the entries.
For the State Tournament you may use one form but list the entry numbers in the correct spot. i.e. entries 58-70.
The Pepsi is a little more complicated as each child has their own entry number. You may still use one form but must attach a sheet with the bowler’s name and entry number listed.

Again, all requests for the youth must come from the league official on record. Some centers pay for their youths entries, some have patrons that pay for some of the kids, and some kids have different last names than a parent or divorced parents, etc. It is impossible for us at the state level to be sure the money goes back to whomever paid for the entry. That responsibility belongs to the league official and we appreciate their help. Checks for refunds will be made payable to League Official or League.

For information relating to the suspension and/or cancelations of USBC National events, please visit: 

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Final Results of Open Tournament now posted on Open Tournament Page and Final Results of the Women on Womens Page

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