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After many discussions and much careful thought, we are sorry to announce the cancellation of the following tournaments that the Michigan State USBC runs for the bowlers in our state that have not yet started this year.
This includes the:
Youth Championships & Adult/Youth Baker Tournament in Bay City
Pepsi State Finals in Jackson
State Seniors Championships in Battle Creek. 

With the continuation of precautions needed to protect the health of all of our bowlers, center employees, local association members and state board members and their families, we feel this is a necessary step. We understand the disappointment that you may feel about this as we are just as disappointed in having to make this decision. 

Due to the requirements of rescheduling everyone involved, IF and/or When we are able to continue the Adult events (Open and Women’s State) in Detroit and Muskegon we would start at least 30 days after the government’s restrictions are lifted depending on the guidelines set by the state. Additional restrictions such as face masks, and social distancing, etc. would also have to be enforced.

Your cooperation is appreciated. You may ask for a refund or defer your fees to next year’s events. All requests must come from the team captain on record for the adults. 

So if you do not plan to bowl these events this year please, get your refund/credit request in as soon as possible.



  • One form per team
  • no partial refunds/credit….
  • If paid by credit card- account will be credited back
  • Team captains responsibility to see refunds are given back to bowlers timely.


All youth requests must come from the league official that is listed on the entries.
For the State Tournament you may use one form but list the entry numbers in the correct spot. i.e. entries 58-70.
The Pepsi is a little more complicated as each child has their own entry number. You may still use one form but must attach a sheet with the bowler’s name and entry number listed.

Again, all requests for the youth must come from the league official on record. Some centers pay for their youths entries, some have patrons that pay for some of the kids, and some kids have different last names than a parent or divorced parents, etc. It is impossible for us at the state level to be sure the money goes back to whomever paid for the entry. That responsibility belongs to the league official and we appreciate their help. Checks for refunds will be made payable to League Official or League.

We thank the centers involved for their understanding and hope that all of you as bowlers will continue to support them as they also move forward.  Contracts are already signed for next year’s events. We hope to again visit this year’s tournament centers soon.

The next step involves a lot of work from the state office staff, which are all working from home. If you are one of the teams that did not get to bowl and have not already submitted your refund/credit request form, please do that ASAP. The form(s) is listed above and can also be found on our web page at www.michiganstateusbc.com. The form can be emailed or mailed back to the state office. All refund requests must be handled before a prize list can be generated on the women’s and the open tournament so, a priority will be given to these tournaments to process refunds.

Again, this is not a decision that we made lightly, we know how much this affects everyone involved, but we feel that we will not be able to run the events effectively while still maintaining safety procedures.

In addition, the state delegates meeting scheduled for June will also be delayed at this time. Please watch our news sources for more information on this as we reschedule events.

We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon on the lanes!!

Your Michigan State USBC Board of Directors

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all our medical personnel, first responders and those that continue to work so that our daily needs are met.


Until the tournaments (open and women) are cancelled, the state office is working on processing refunds/credits.

Since, no prize list can be calculated until those who have not bowled have been refunded/credited and removed from Win Labs, No prize checks will be issued until at least 30 days (USBC may grant an extension if necessary) after the tournament has been officially cancelled.

For information relating to the suspension and/or cancelations of USBC National events, please visit: 

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Unofficial Results from Weekend Seven of Open Tournament now posted on Open Tournament Page and Week 4 of the Women on Womens Page

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