2018-2019 Youth Honor Scores

All First time 300 games, First time 700 series for Girls and First time 800 series will be recognized and honored at the Championship Banquet. Bowlers with 298, 299 games or with additional 300, 700 or 800 achievements will be recognized through their locals.

SeasonName AwardCenter/Association    
18-19Zachary Gage*823State Tournament/Fairlanes
18-19Drake Bazzy*300Vision/Metro Detroit
18-19Evan Yaros*300Woodland/Metro Detroit
18-19Caden Pillette*300Flat Rock/Monroe County
18-19Michael Cohen*300Oak/Metro Detroit
18-19Patrick Good*300Maplewood/Arbor Valley
18-19Zachary Ray*300State Tournament
18-19Ronny Thibeault*300Ford/Metro Detroit
18-19Joey Novick*300State Tournament
18-19Aidan Fisackerly300State Tournament
18-19Tyler Williams300Rollaway/Gr Flint
18-19Collin Massie299Cherry Hill North/Metro Detroit
18-19Logan Wyszynski299Flat Rock/Monroe County
18-19Adan Newman299Sterling/Metro Detroit
18-19Elizabeth Breitzman*766Superbowl/Metro Detroit
18-19Nicole Norris*711Skore/Metro Detroit
All first time 300, 800 or 700 (girls) will be honored at the banquet
All others will receive recognition through their locals.
* = First time 300, 700 or 800
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